5 bizarre Presidential campaign songs

Today, the Presidential campaign song is sadly out of vogue, but in the past, campaigns regularly had an official or semi-official tune to support the candidate. Sometimes, they were weird, as these five songs prove.

1. U.S. Grant Is The Man

The candidate: Ulysses S. Grant

The song: U.S. Grant Is The Man

Why it’s bizarre: The song is written to a traditional melody, but it’s the title that stands out. Calling someone “the man” seems more likely in the 1990s than the 1870s.

2. Tippecanoe Waltz

The candidate: William Henry Harrison

The song: Tippecanoe Waltz

Why it’s bizarre: What could make for a better waltz than a song dedicated to Tippecanoe?

3. The National Whig Song

The candidate: Whigs

The song: The National Whig Song

Why it’s bizarre: The song sings of a “true-hearted gentleman all of the olden time” who is, of course, dedicated to the doomed Whig party.

4. Keep Cool and Keep Coolidge

The candidate: Calvin Coolidge

The song: Keep Cool and Keep Coolidge

Why it’s bizarre: It’s the official song of his hometown fan club in Plymouth, Vermont.

5. Click With Dick

The candidate: Richard Nixon

The song: Click With Dick

Why it’s bizarre: The happy-go-lucky lyrics include: “Come on and click with Dick/the one that none can lick.”

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