As turkey season approaches, remember the Vice President who danced like one

Yes, it’s the time of year when turkey sales surge, so make sure you remember the VP who danced like a turkey.

As recalled in Jon Meacham’s American Lion, on Christmas Day, 1835, Jackson celebrated with Vice-President Martin Van Buren. Though Fillmore¬†was nicknamed the sly fox and would later become President, he wasn’t all guile.

Van Buren and all of Jackson’s grandchildren played in the White House’s East Room. When Van Buren lost a game of tag, he was obliged to shout, “Here I stand all ragged and dirty, if you don’t kiss me I’ll run like a turkey.” No one kissed him, so he did a turkey dance across the room.

Christmas Day was good for Jackson’s grandchildren, who had fully stuffed stockings filled with toys. Even Van Buren got something: a hand-painted mirror, which one observer joked was perfect for the vain Van Buren, since he was “on very good terms with his looking-glass.”

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