Did you know prison toilets are special?

Prison Toilet Flusher

You’ve probably seen Sloan toilets in most public restrooms. The manufacturer also caters to other, less conspicuous markets. If you’re going to prison, your Sloan toilet will be unique.

It only makes sense that prison flushometers would be specially made to stand up to the use and abuse of prison, but it’s another thing to actually see one. A special line in Sloan’s catalog, these flushers are calibrated to stand up to abuse. They’re all push button, with overrides so prisoners can’t flood the toilet. Many feature remote control as well, and most of the pipes are concealed behind the wall so they can’t be tampered with.

In case you were wondering, Sloan is named for William Elvis Sloan, the founder of the company. He invented the Royal Flushometer and, obviously, the company still uses it today.

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