Fast food geography: Discover Algeria through Chicken Cottage

Feel like some chicken? Then visit the UK’s Chicken Cottage restaurants in Algeria, where you can also learn some basics about the country.

Algiers is the largest city and capital

Known as Alger to locals, Algiers is by far Algeria’s largest city with more than two million people. It’s also the first place where a Chicken Cottage opened.

From that base, however, the chain has expanded to other Algerian cities. For example, you can find a prominent location in Batna, a city of 250,000.

In Algeria, you’ll find Arabic and French mixed together

Chicken Cottage has signs in Arabic and English, but their most active Facebook page includes posts written in French.

That’s because Algeria was French from the 1800s until 1962. The official language is Arabic, but you’ll still find many remnants of Algeria’s French past, and for the most part the country is bilingual.

Algeria is a Muslim nation

Chicken Cottage actually uses halal meatsĀ in all of its locations, but that’s especially appropriate for Algeria, which is Muslim. Another Western fast food chain with stores in Algeria, Quick, uses only halal meats in its Algerian locations.

The Chicken Cottage in Algeria also wishes patrons a pleasant Ramadan.

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