Fast food geography: Discover Argentina through Wendy’s

Yes, little Wendy has made it all the way down to Argentina. Have a Frosty (chocolate or vanilla) and learn the basics about the country.

Buenos Aires is the largest city and capital

You may have already known that Buenos Aires was the biggest city in Argentina. But the Wendy’s locations make that clear.

Wendy’s has ambitious plans to follow in the footsteps of McDonald’s and Burger King in Argentina, but when entering the country it opened its first restaurants in Buenos Aires.

That’s probably for a couple of reasons: first, Buenos Aires has 3,000,000 people while Cordoba and Rosario, the next two largest cities, each have about 1.3 million people. They’re also both inland, while Buenos Aires enjoys a coastal location.

Argentina loves medialunas

Don’t know what medialunas are? They’re available at Wendy’s.

The name means “half moon,” and they’re a type of tiny croissant-like pastry.

If you want a more predictable Argentinian cuisine available at Wendy’s, you can also get nachos at Wendy’s Argentina (though, to be fair, they’re available in Canada too).

Argentina uses the peso

In Argentina, a Junior Cheeseburger costs $15.

In many countries, such a price difference could be just a coincidence, but Argentina is undergoing a currency crisis. That means the exchange rate is more volatile than the government—or a burger chain—can admit.

Argentina is a soccer-obsessed country

In Argentina, Wendy’s has a Futbol Box and emblazons soccer balls on their kid’s meal cups.

You probably knew Argentina liked soccer, but think about it: in the U.S., there’s not a single sport on Wendy’s boxes and cups. But in Argentina, soccer appears on both.

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