Fast food geography: Discover Brunei through Pizza Hut

It’s Friday—a pizza kind of day. So let’s use that delicious meal to learn about Brunei.

Brunei is part of Borneo

If you didn’t know, Brunei is practically nestled inside Malaysia on the island of Borneo.

That makes Brunei a heavily Malay country with its own pizza culture. You’ll find Pizza Huts in Sengkurong, Gadong, Kuala Belait, and at other locations in the small country (about 408,000 people live there).

Brunei is mostly Muslim

In Brunei, Pizza Hut uses Halal meats.

That’s because about two-thirds of the population is Muslim. Buddhism and Christianity split most of the rest.

Brunei responds to Texan ethnic food

In Brunei, you can get the Texas Crown Pizza, an option unavailable in the U.S.

The pizza demonstrates international appeal of American culture and food as a marketing technique. Notably, in other countries it’s been marketed as the Cheeseburger Crown (with no mention of Texas. The Brunei chain has offered both versions.).

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