Fast food geography: Discover Bulgaria through Subway

Yes, Eat Fresh is still Subway’s slogan in Bulgaria. But enough things are different that the fast food chain can be a good way to learn key facts about the country.

Sofia is the capital and largest city

You’ll find Subways all over Bulgaria, but the most are in Sofia, the country’s largest city and capital.

The breakdown of Subways by city is a good way to learn about some other key places in the country. Sofia, with 1.4 million of Bulgaria’s 7.3 million people, has the most Subway restaurants, followed by Varna and Burgas (both maritime trade ports). Subway’s also targeted Plovdiv, the other main air hub in the country.

Bulgaria has a European sensibility, at least when it comes to beer

Untangling the mix of cultural influences in Bulgaria would take days (and a few million more words). But one thing is clear: they drink beer in Bulgaria.

At Subway Bulgaria, you can get a Heineken with your sub. Like much of Europe, the drinking age is 18.

Despite being in the EU, Bulgaria’s currency is the Lev

Don’t try paying for your footlong with Euros—in Bulgaria, you’ll use the lev.

The country has no plans to join the Eurozone, instead pegging the lev to the Euro.

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