Fast food geography: Discover Cameroon through Tchop Et Yamo

No, you won’t find a McDonald’s in Cameroon. But you will find Tchop Et Yamo, Cameroon’s first fast food chain.

Before diving in, the unique restaurant merits some explanation. The founder’s gambit is to sell common roadside food with fast food consistency and service (just as McDonald’s did years ago). The most common meal is dough balls (occasionally filled with meat) and beans.

Cameroon’s official languages are English and French

The Tchop Et Yamo menu is in English and French, which are Cameroon’s official languages.

Why English and French? The split is a relic of the geographic split of the country between the U.K. and France. Until the 1960s, Cameroon was split between French and British controlled territories.

Cameroon is one of Africa’s most diverse countries, so you’ll find many non-European languages in use as well (though only English and French are official).

Cameroon’s capital is Yaoundé

Douala is actually Cameroon’s largest city, with a slight population advantage over Yaoundé (both cities have about 1.3 million people). But Yaoundé is the capital and home to Tchop Et Yamo.

Cameroon uses the Central African Franc

Want to have a nice meal at Tchop Et Yamo? For 500 F, you can get breaded chicken and rice and vegetables (about $.96 USD).

The Central African Franc is a shared currency that’s used by multiple African nations. Guaranteed by France (and pegged to the Euro), it’s an unusual currency that inspires a lot of debate.

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