Fast food geography: Discover Estonia through McDonald’s

Sometimes, the old stalwart of fast food is the best way to learn about a country, so get a cheeseburger and fries and learn about Estonia.

Estonia’s capital and largest city is Tallinn

About half of all McDonald’s in Estonia are in Tallinn, which is Estonia’s capital and largest city. It has a little over 410,000 people.

Estonia uses the Euro…and that can be create issues

You can see above that Estonia uses the Euro. But that’s just one element of an interesting story that broke when the country started using the Euro in 2011.

McDonald’s was accused of using the switch from the Estonian Kroon to the Euro to mask price hikes. If nothing else, it demonstrates the confusion that a currency switch can cause.

Estonia is good for wheat (but needs development)

One farm in Rannu Seeme, Estonia, produces most of the wheat for McDonald’s. The owner of that farm? McDonald’s.

It’s not uncommon for large sellers like McDonald’s to have a hand in production, but there’s reason to believe that Estonia had special need for development assistance in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse (Estonia was part of the USSR).

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