Fast food geography: Discover Kenya through Steers

Kenya’s got a KFC, but it’s an African chain that proves more interesting. Thanks to Steers, you can learn a little about Kenya.

Kenya is growing, but not globally accessible yet

Yes, as we mentioned, Kenya has a KFC. But McDonald’s and Burger King, the big boys of fast food, are still waiting in the wings. While the giant YUM! Brands was willing to jump in, worries about the stability and availability of the supply chain have kept other companies waiting. That leaves the fast food market to African-held companies like Steers.

Kenyans speak English and Swahili

The Steers chain is actually an import—the company is based in South Africa. However, Kenya’s many English speakers made expansion into the country easy for Steers. There are five Steers restaurants in Nairobi, the nation’s capital.

Kenya has historical ties to Britain

In Kenya, the Steers menu offers patrons a side of macon. You can also get it with your breakfast. If you didn’t know, macon is a bacon substitute that uses mutton. It was produced by the UK during World War II from a Scottish recipe.

It makes sense that the recipe stuck in Kenya, since the nation was controlled by the British until 1962. You’ll also order your french fries as chips.

Your delivery will probably come via motorcycle

Many factors make motorcycles more appealing to Kenyans, and especially Steers delivery men. Motorcycles handle uncertain roads better, they are cheaper to buy than cars, and they have better fuel efficiency. Many young Kenyans use the motorcycles for work, too, like the many taking on the profitable but dangerous job of running a motorcycle taxi.

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