Fast food geography: Discover Sweden through Burger King

Burger King Sweden Menu

Burger King Sweden

It’s time to visit Sweden, but skip the references to Ikea meatballs. During this trip, you’ll learn the basics about the country through Burger King.

There are cities other than Stockholm

For those who don’t live in Sweden, Stockholm is the main landmark. With about 1.4 million people, it’s the country’s largest city and capital (and home to a nation-high 19 Burger Kings).

It’s time you learned a few more Swedish cities, and what better way than with BK’s restaurant locator? Sweden’s second-largest city is Gothenburg (with 550,000 people and nine Burger Kings in the area), and the third largest city is Malmö (with 307,000 people and about 14 Burger Kings).

Why does the area around Malmö have more BKs than Gothenburg? It would be a mistake to read too much into restaurant numbers, but there’s a chance that Malmö’s more Southern location and proximity to Denmark’s Copenhagen helps. In addition, the greater Malmö area tops 600,000 people.

Sweden is a liberal country

Burger King Sweden Coffee

Burger King Sweden

If you know the basics about Sweden, you know it’s a liberal country. It’s even evident in the coffee.

Visit BK America’s coffee page, and you’ll find a smooth roast produced by Seattle’s Best (which is owned by Starbucks). In Sweden, however, you’ll find heavily advertised free trade coffee from Löfbergs, a socially conscious Swedish coffee company.

Swedes do things together

Burger King Sweden Snackbox

Burger King Sweden

Burger King offers a product in European nations that it doesn’t offer elsewhere: a snackbox.

Packed with onion rings, chili cheese snacks, chicken nuggets, King wings, and dipping sauces, it’s supposed to be shared in a group. The trend started in Spain, but it’s expanded and succeeded in Sweden.

Swedes celebrate Midsummer

Burger King Sweden Midsummer

Burger King Sweden

Just like any business, Burger King Sweden tries to get likes for posts about big holidays. In Sweden, that’s Midsummer.

Locally styled as Midsommarafton (the eve) and Midsommardagen (the day), the Scandinavian holiday celebrates the summer solstice. Though popular in most Scandinavian nations, it’s especially important in Sweden (the nation has kept the original name for the holiday).

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