Fast food geography: Discover Vietnam through Burger King

Vietnam is a monarchy when it comes to Burger King. With twenty locations in the Southeast Asian nation, BK is a great way to learn some basics about Vietnam.

Vietnam is dominated by its coast

Anyone who’s seen pictures of Vietnam knows it’s a wet nation with a long coast. That’s even more clear when you see BK’s special¬†Wow¬†menu in Vietnam. It makes the most obvious observation about Vietnam an edible one.

Seafood makes unique cameos on the BK Vietnam menu, including Cheesy Shrimp Balls, a Seafood Burger, a Fish Tartar Burger, and a Shrimp Tartar Burger. The Spicy Pork Burger is probably another concession to local tastes.

Want even more local flavor? BK occasionally offers rice with its meals, truly customizing to Vietnamese cuisine.

Ho Chi Minh is the biggest city, but others compete

Many of BK’s Vietnam locations are in Ho Chi Minh, and as Vietnam’s largest city, that makes sense. However, Ho Chi Minh’s seven million people are closely followed by six million in Hanoi and almost two million in Hai Phong.

That means you’ll find Burger Kings across the country, signifying Vietnam’s general attractiveness to Western companies and the relative diversity of development in Vietnam.

The currency is the Dong

Want a couple of Whoppers? On sale, they’ll cost you 100,000 VND. That’s about $4.72 USD.

Though that exchange rate is superficially shocking, it’s just a difference in numbers: the currency is pretty stable.

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