How to build A better Mouse Trap (game). See the awesome patent application for Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap

Though its inventors never earned the Nobel Prize, the game Mouse Trap is still a technological breakthrough. That means, like many board games, it has a patent. The difference is that Mouse Trap’s patent is particularly amazing.

The game came out in 1963 and the application was filed in 1962. You can see the see the full application. Make sure to check out the drawings, like this one of the trap descending.

Mouse Trap Falling

The entire board provides an intricate look at the trap.

Mouse Trap Full Board

What makes it particularly good reading are the descriptions of Mouse Trap gameplay, like this: “A cage supported on said cage support over said cheese station, and said cage being so carried on said support that disturbance of said support will cause said cage to become dislodged and to drop and enclose and catch any simulated mouse which may be on said cheese station.”

Who made Mouse Trap? Marvin Glass’s company, which was legendary for Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Operation, and Mouse Trap. A strong team and an aggressive rights-purchasing strategy helped him build an empire. And the old adage is true—no one’s been able to build a better Mouse Trap yet.

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