Keep calm and see two British wartime posters in the same series

By now, you already know you’re supposed to keep calm and carry on—the slogan has been displayed on everything from baby bibs to billboards. But it’s just the most famous of three British wartime slogans.

In 1939, members of the Ministry of Information were asked to come up with three slogans. According to Bex Lewis, who did her fascinating thesis on the British propaganda posters, the public response was muted at best. The Times called the posters “‘insipid and patronising invocations.”

Despite that, at least one in the series became legendary, so these other two have an enduring legacy as well. The halo effect of Keep Calm means you can easily find all three for sale.

Freedom Is In Peril Defend It With All Your Might

Your Courage Your Cheerfulness Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory

Keep Calm And Carry On

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