Love miniature books? There’s a society for you

Even if print is dead, miniature print is thriving.

If you have an obsession with miniature books, there’s a place for you. The Miniature Book Society dedicates itself to tiny books that are four inches or smaller.

The society is a combination of collection and creation—many miniature book hoarders also make their own tiny volumes, which are then entered in a competition. That means miniature book subjects range from Adam and Eve to a history of the 20th century. Since most miniature bookmakers are fans of the form, you’ll find a lot of meta miniature books that tell the history of these diminutive texts.

If you want to learn more but aren’t interested in joining, you can always take a look at the University of North Texas’s vast collection of miniature books. It includes archives of the MBS’s newsletter, which is fittingly called Book Bits.

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