Sam’s Club and The Wire are bizarrely connected

Fans of the gritty classic The Wire know that the show was filmed in Baltimore. What they might not know is that it was partly filmed inside an old Sam’s Club.

Brett Martin’s Difficult Men tells the story behind the unusual arrangement. Producers needed a location for detectives’ offices and Jimmy McNulty’s apartment, so they settled on an unusual location: an abandoned Sam’s Club near Baltimore. Most of The Wire was shot on location in Baltimore, but they still needed a few sets. Technically, the Sam’s Club required a retail tenant, and producers considered selling Wire Gear to get around the zoning issue. Fortunately, they were able to stay without having to open a storefront.

Other Wire locations were equally improbable for the streetwise series. The high-rise housing project scenes featured in early seasons were filmed at a retirement home (and the highest floors were added with digital effects).

But there’s one more twist that makes things especially confusing. The name for Walmart’s internal employee network? Walmart Wire.

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