See 4 Abercrombie hunks! (from 1919)

When Abercrombie’s male models were just modest drawings

Though the trendy Abercrombie & Fitch has fallen on hard times, it’s still well-known for its advertising: shirtless men, scantily clad girls, and the occasional semi-nude model outside the store. But those hunks don’t compare to the ones in the company’s 1919 Fall season.

Promoted as “Clothes Which Mate With Scarlet And Heather Leaves,” these duds are much tweedier (and concealing) than the current A&F catalog. But these guys look good, even if they don’t show off their beach bodies. You can see the full ad here.

Hunk one: Hunting for love

Abercrombie Hunk One

Hunk two: City beefcake

Abercrombie Hunk Two

Hunk three: Oh no, he’s wet!

Abercrombie Hunk Three

Hunk four: Birdie in…your heart

Abercrombie Hunk Four

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