Thanks to the WPA, you can enjoy this terrifying baby

The Works Progress Administration is known for its vast employment network, including the Federal Art Project (FAP). FAP sponsored numerous artists who created public education posters and other public art.

Erik Hans Krause was one of those artists. A New Yorker, Krause was also a program administer in the state. He was part of a group of artists grappling with artistic concepts of the time, like abstraction, representation, and symbolism. That’s a long way of saying that he drew this frightening baby while employed by the government.

Infant Childcare WPA Poster

That’s not all. Krause created another ad for childcare that encouraged nursing by showing it in detail.

Woman Nursing WPA Poster

In Krause’s defense, most of his posters are simple, beautiful, and not terrifying. You can browse a full gallery of his work. But, if nothing else, these posters show that experimentation has its risks, even in the hands of a good artist.

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