The country where IBM has a pro Football team (and Big Blue cheerleaders)

Next time someone asks you about your favorite team, go big. Big Blue big.

IBM Big Blue is just one of the teams in the X-League. The X-League, of course, is Japan’s professional American football team. The full team list includes a mix of corporate-sponsored teams and club teams (if you’re looking to support a different company, you can cheer for the Fuji Xerox Minerva American Football Club or the All Mitsubishi Lions). Teams compete by NCAA rules, are limited to two foreigners on the field at a time, and face off against the best college team in the Rice Bowl.

That’s where Big Blue Football comes in (don’t worry, you can like them on Facebook). The team is comprised of employees, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t serious about football. In case you were wondering, IBM has cheerleaders.

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