The 5 most unusual EA Sports games

EA Sports

EA Sports

EA Sports has a bevy of big franchises from FIFA to the NFL. But not all of them are as well known as Madden. Though EA Sport’s Big sub-brand was more wacky with Def Jam games and Street series, some games were unintentionally weird.

Instead of saying “It’s in the game,” these five games will make you say, “It’s in the game?”

1. AFL 99

EA Sports

EA Sports AFL 99

If you live in Australia or follow Australian Rules Football, you’re familiar with the sport. But if you don’t, AFL 99 won’t ring a bell.

Though EA no longer develops games for the sport, they did publish AFL 98 and AFL 99. Other studios have taken over, but the EA version still has its fans. If you want, you can watch a full championship match played out in 2013.

2. Cricket 07

EA Sports

EA Sports Cricket 07

Yes, EA did cricket until 2007.

An EA sports head was candid about why the series stopped: the Indian market wasn’t big enough yet. “A cricket game really needs the sub-continent to make it viable,” EA VP Andrew Wilson said in 2013. “And there is a series of barriers with respect to the economics, infrastructure, the disparity of mobile devices and services there.”

While there’s no foreseeable future for EA and cricket, you can still look at old gameplay. Plus, some diehards have patched the ’07 version to incorporate modern players.

3. Rugby 08

EA Sports

EA Sports Rugby 08

2007 marked EA’s final Rugby game with Rugby 08. The discontinuation was the same thing that drove EA to quit cricket—a relatively niche market when global hits are necessary. This clip from the game makes its end particularly disappointing for rugby fans.

4. Arena Football: Road To Glory

EA Sports

EA Sports Arena Football: Road To Glory

EA Sports made a bet that Arena Football would become a hit. Unfortunately, the rest of the United States didn’t agree.

EA released two arena football games, but the faster gameplay didn’t appeal enough to gamers to keep the series going. This review of the game shows some gameplay and mentions the problems with the game (mainly that EA’s football cash goes to the Madden series).

5. EA Gameshow

EA Gameshow wasn’t a sport, but it was an EA Sports product unusual enough to include on this list.

What was it? A hosted trivia show, broadcast live across the nation. Players could log on during the six hour sessions and interact with the hosts as well as play the game. For a studio that’s kept its Madden franchise running reliably for years, it was a big bet.

It didn’t pay off. In under a year, EA ended the grand experiment and left only this tutorial behind.

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