The 5 most unusual themed chess sets based on wars

Yes, that’s President Roosevelt above and on the right. He may be one of the first Kings in chess to have polio.

Chess sets have always changed to adjust to their environment: even the familiar pieces were adapted from the original Indian (or possibly Persian) pieces. But themed sets take these changes to a whole new level that’s occasionally of questionable taste.

These are our favorite chess sets based on historical conflicts. We’re skipping fantasy and the basics to opt for the weirdest wars. To give you an idea of what we left out, we saw so many Civil War chess sets that they started to seem commonplace. These sets are a reminder that anything can become a chess set, as long as you invent enough pieces.

1. World War II (specifically, Pearl Harbor)

2. The Battle of Waterloo

3. The Crusades

4. The Boer War

5. Cherokee Vs. Navajo

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