The tricky invention that will keep your packages safe


There are few things more impotent than the This Side Up sign on a package. There’s no way to enforce it—unless you use this one tricky invention for keeping your packages safe.

The Tip-N-Tell takes the guesswork out of it. The device is expensive (more than a dollar each), but it works. You adhere a label to your package and pull a pin out so tiny blue beads can do the measuring for you. If your package has beads in the arrow when you get it, you know it was tipped. The sensitive device works even if you don’t tip the package all the way over.

Invented by William Lander and George Davis in the 1960s, the Tip-N-Tell patent notes that the device prevented false positives better than early competitors. The Drop-N-Tell is a companion product. Made by Index Packaging, you can even get your Tip-N-Tell calibrated to be sensitive to a particular number of Gs (from 5Gs to 100Gs, it will keep an eye on your packages).

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