Was Skeeter black? The 8 most important questions about Skeeter from Doug

Skeeter Valentine

Best friend to an enduring children’s TV icon, Skeeter Valentine remains enigmatic. We’ll fix that by answering the biggest questions about him.

The basics

Q: What’s his name?

Mosquito “Skeeter” Valentine. Oddly, he has a younger brother named Doug.

Q: What’s his catchphrase?

“Honk honk.” Like his name, there’s no reason supplied for the unusual trait.

Q: What was his alter-ego?

Silver Skeeter, a spoof of Marvel’s Silver Surfer.

The character

Q: Is Skeeter Valentine black or African-American?

Other characters are aware that Skeeter is blue, so that’s inspired questions about his racial identity. Many speculate he’s meant to be a stand-in for African-Americans.

Creator Jim Jinkins told all in the oral history Slimed:

It’s pretty common knowledge that Skeeter was African-American. And I love that, because I did not consciously set out for that to be the case; I just thought he looked good blue.

Other producers echoed the notion that the world of Doug was more about color than race, but they were open to Skeeter being thought of as black instead of blue.

Q: Is Skeeter smart?

Skeeter has a genius-level IQ and actually tested to go to college. However, he preferred the social climate of his elementary school.

The voice

Q: Who played Skeeter?

Fred Newman, a voice artist who is best known for his amazing array of mouth sounds. That’s the reason Skeeter beatboxes so frequently. Newman also did the music for Doug.

You may know him from his many other Hollywood roles (like Harry in Harry and the Hendersons) or from his work on A Prairie Home Companion.

Q: Who else did he voice on Doug?

Newman was, most famously, the voice of the avuncular Mr. Dink and foreign exchange student Fentruck.

Q: What does Skeeter look like live?

You can watch Newman perform the Doug theme. He also does some Skeeter.

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