Watch 15 videos that show what it’s like when an animal eats you

Thanks to rugged individuals and a rugged camera, GoPro has become to go-to source for action photography. But when animals encounter the GoPro, sometimes, they try to eat it. The results? The best way to see what it’s like to be eaten (and still live to tell the tale).

1. A grizzly bear gets hungry

2. An alligator clamps down

3. A polar bear gets curious

4. A dog takes a drink and gets a camera

5. A lion has a snack

6. A gray fox tries to have a midnight meal

7. A shark eats a camera

7. A pelican doesn’t want to wait for fish

8. A dolphin tries a GoPro for lunch

9. A wapiti gets hungry

10. A cow licks a GoPro

11. A wolverine chows down

12. An ostrich tries to get a quick snack

13. A dingo takes the bait

14. A penguin bites off more than it can chew

15. A baby (Human) licks The lens

Technically, this baby isn’t a wild animal. But then you look inside its mouth…

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