Jobs Curious people wanted

Interests should include “everything”

As a growing company, we’re looking for qualified people both on and off-site. Of particular interest are copy-editors, mobile application developers, researchers, and designers.

We’re located in Chicago, Illinois, and are interested in working with people in Chicago and remotely. We’re also exploring an internship program, though we don’t have information at this time.

Trivia Happy is a community for people who are passionate about a lot of things. Our employees flourish when they have a wide-ranging set of interests, an innate curiosity, and a drive to find creative solutions. As we develop new gameplay, content, and relationships, we’re excited to find qualified people to fill those positions.

At this time, we don’t have specific job openings posted, though we encourage you to check this page often. If you think you should be on our radar, pleaseĀ drop us a line about jobs.

If you’re curious, and we hope you are, that photograph was taken by John Vachon in 1939. It shows an employment office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s from the Library of Congress, which provides an extensive collection of photos for public use.