Fast food geography: Discover Libya through Cinnabon

By some reports, the Libya Cinnabon is the most popular Cinnabon in the world, and it at least averages three times the sales of most Cinnabon locations. It’s been talked about a lot, and that makes it a great place to get a sugar high and learn some basics about Libya.

Tripoli is the capital and largest city

The flagship Cinnabon is located in Tripoli, the capital and home to 2,220,000 people. Located in Northwestern Libya, it’s relatively stable.

The rest of Libya isn’t as sure of an investment for Western chains. Cinnabon stores in other parts of the country, like Benghazi, are being put on hold until the situation stabilizes.

Libya is a conservative Muslim country

As odd as it seems, a couple of sources suggest the same reason for the Tripoli Cinnabon’s success: it’s a great place for singles to mingle.

Apparently, the conservative nature of Libya makes Cinnabon a popular date spot. The country, 97% Muslim, isn’t abundant with clubs and bars, so Cinnabon serves a useful purpose. The Tripoli location also stays open late, until 11PM, which is relatively uncommon.

Libya is changing quickly and has a complicated relationship with the West

Obviously, the recent ouster of Muammar Gaddafi is the most notable change in Libya. But the country remains volatile with constantly changing politics.

One example? One of the newer Cinnabons is located in the Bin Ashur district of Tripoli. The Atlanta-based chain is highly successful there, even though that area was the site of 1986 U.S. Air Strikes against Libya.

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