Stingless versions of 5 animals famous for stinging


Some animals are famous for one thing. So what happens when you take that one thing away?

These five animals have a reputation, rightly or wrongly, for being stinging beasts. But these five species prove that it isn’t the sting that makes the animal.

1. Stingless bees

Yes, we know that bees sting rarely. But some bees don’t even have the option.

Stingless bees consist of more than 600 different species, and they’re found in tropical areas around the world. Australia boasts a large number of stingless bees as well. Their honey is a little more watery and they’re slightly more picky about flowers, but other than that they’re typical bees (except for the missing sting).

Sometimes these bees are called meloponine bees. The best honey supposedly comes from the royal lady bee, which is found in the Yucatán Peninsula.

2. Stingless jellyfish

Around the world, there are jellyfish that have lost their sting or have such a mild sting that they aren’t a threat to humans.

The world’s most famous stingless jellyfish may be in the lakes of Palau. Their stings are made for plankton, not people, which is why they feel stingless to humans. Similar examples have been found around the world.

3. Stingless stingrays

A stingless stingray is an oxymoron, but it still exists. Just look at the Amazonian stingless stingray.

The strange, flat stingray is its own genus, found in the freshwater of South America.

4. Stingless wasps

Stingless wasps aren’t just a novelty. They’re a tool in the fight against pests.

A natural parasite to the ash borer, many Agriculture Departments have imported stingless wasps to battle the invasive species. The wasps eat the larvae before they can wreak damage on ash trees. So far, stingless wasps have been introduced in 17 states as well as in other countries.

5. Stingless scorpions

The scorpion has a stingless variety, the whip scorpion. But don’t worry—it can still defend itself.

With a whiplike tail instead of a stinger, these scorpions lack the most distinctive trait of the species (which is why some would quibble they aren’t scorpions at all). However, they can fight. For example, the vinegaroon can spray an acidic (and vinegary) mist when threatened.

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